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Personal SERE Kit (PSK)

So I haven’t posted for a short while on here, I’ve been working on some new ideas, testing new kit and gathering together some of the best SERE kit on the market in order to bring you the BLK-PSK-001-V1

Starting from the ground up and with access to the kind of users/operators who would utilise this sort of equipment as part of their every day job, I have put together what I believe is the most comprehensive yet affordable SERE kit on the market, and lots of the items here are MOD Specification. The kit includes:

  • Silver Hinged Tin (60mm x 90mm x 20mm) - Strong tin that can be easily waterproofed by wrapping insulation tape around the lid. Small enough to be concealed easily yet big enough to easily carry all the SERE kit you’ll need.
  • MRE Hot Beverage Bag (500ml approx) - Used to fully waterproof the PSK and can be used to hold a pint of liquid.
  • Ferrocerium Rod - for creating sparks to start a fire.
  • 5 x Waterproof matches and striker.
  • 4’ of strong cord - capable of cutting through plasticuffs.
  • 5’ of plastic coated steel wire - looped at both ends, can be used as a snare.
  • 2 x 1.5” Chemical lights - approx 4hrs of light each.
  • SOLAS Glint Tape - self adhesive, 50mm x 25mm.
  • IR Glint Tape - self adhesive, 50mm x 30mm.
  • Plastic Mirror - to be used as a signalling mirror.
  • 20mm Liquid Filled Button Compass - not a cheap imported version.
  • 2 x Hair Clips - used as shims or tensioners with lock picks.
  • 3 x Lock Picks + Tension Tool - Half Diamond, Hook, Snake Rake. Small well made tools that can be easily concealed.
  • Folding Survival Saw - Swiss made blade, 18 teeth per inch.
  • Steel Wire Saw - with 2 different sized key rings for finger loops, again this is not a cheap import.
  • Universal Handcuff Key - will fit most modern handcuffs even on double lock.
  • Tungsten Carbide Striker - Can be used to strike the Ferro Rod, or combined with the 4’ of cord to smash tempered glass like the kind you find on car side windows.
  • 2 x Scaples - Multiple medical and survival uses.
  • 1 x Disinfectant Wipe.
  • 3 x Steristrips.
  • 4 x Water purification Tablets - One tablet will purify 1L (2 Pints) of water.
  • Tiny Fishing Kit (TFK) - 4 x Split Shot, 1 x Split Swivel, 2 x Medium Hooks with line, 1 x Large hook with line, 1 x Lure, 12’ kevlar Cord.

I’m looking at selling these kits for £59 inc Postage, if you’re interested then follow this link to it on eBay.

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