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Hey guys,

The uploaded photo has gone viral since I published it a few days ago. Even Triple Aught Design, Hitcase and EDCPocketDump has reposted it. So it should be good for your blog and readers. Please follow this link where you will find an easy to read itemized list and description of this EDC.




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Started putting together a ‘electronic warfare’ kit.

A few of the more gadget related things that I have been carrying in a more organized way. Just started tossing in things that would be useful, more to come as I think on it. Need to grab a field notes for making notes and sketches, maybe print out and laminate useful terminal commands till I get them down. Anyway, it’s a start. Suggestions?

Nice. Here’s a list of command line tricks:

USB stick with at a minimum TOR Browser, preferably the latest version of TAILS so you can boot from the stick and use the computer with out leaving a footprint.

Kali Linux on another stick is great for forensics and pentest tools.

Also worth keeping a hidden encrypted stash of important docs on one of them. Scans of passport, driving license, insurance etc.

Redteams.net are talking about showing how to make a fire&forget SOS USB stick…

Just my $0.02 worth.

Lots of good stuff thrown out so far, and a few questions.

Gloves, pen, few lock picks (hook and half diamond), 8 GB USB with Kali Live (Persistent Encrypted), Phone charger, TP-Link TL-WN722N Wireless USB adapter (My main comp has a broadcom card, needed something that supported packet injection, the ability to throw on a bigger antenna is just gravy) 

I carry a sneakyUSB Kit (TAILS Live usb, masterofnil.com) on me daily, so this is a second layer on that.

Things to add, Hardware keylogger was suggested (awesome idea), Notebook, reference guide (i’ll format some of the suggested ones to fit.) I have a small pen screw driver that i’ll toss in.

Corrected link from Red Teams blog: http://cfenollosa.com/misc/tricks.txt (Thanks again, bro!)

I really appreciate the input from you suave ass sneaky fuckers. I enjoy the community here on tumblr (and off) that comes up with these ideas, shares and builds them. You are all BMFs. This is not my professional realm but I really enjoy turning over ideas in my head and learning new things, and I see a lot of practical value to be had. So, Mahalo & Aloha!

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