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Leatherman Wingman Review

Leatherman have a exellent reputation when it comes to multi tools and on of the newest products in their range, the Wingman is no exception.

The wingman is on the lower range of the Leatherman scale with a price point of around £30, while not at the same standard as some of their other multi tools such as the Charge or Wave, in terms of build quaily, it is stil a well made tool and in comparison to other multi tools at this price point, it is a great addition for anyone who is looking for a cheap but reliable multi tool.

along with the Wingman, Leatherman released the Sidekick, which is basically the same tool as the Wingman but instead of scissors, it has a saw and has a few extras thrown in (a carabiner/bottle opener and a pouch) and is slightly more expensive.

As a tool to have handy in the workplace, the box cutter is exellent and it saves having to get a blade out to open packaging. The Wingman has the advantage over the sidekick by having the scissors over the saw, as if i needed a saw, id use a saw, but if i have a pair of scissors on me, i would use them instead of looking for a pair of scissors. it is also lighter than a lot of other multi tools in the price range, such as the Gerber Suspension, which is also larger, even though it sports a lot more tools, most of the tools will go unused unless it was the only thing you had when camping. but if you want a tool that is light, to have in your pocket so you can use it quickly and get a quick job done without having to search for a tool, this leatherman is for you and in my opinion the Wingman is the best name for it,

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